Building Development

Background and Fundraising

The Building Development Group (BDG) was formed in June 2010 to produce a plan for development of the Church Buildings over the coming years.  The plan was published in August 2010 for review by the PCC.  At the PCC meeting in November 2010 the proposal was approved and the BDG was re-formed to create the detailed plans for work.

The building development team:

  • Andy Minchin (Chair)
  • Revd. Andy Wilson (Vice-Chair)
  • Graham Olway (Secretary)
  • Ismay Doughty
  • Dave Fowler
  • Richard Hutchins
  • Launce Morgan


We have started our fundraising!  So we need you to lend a hand and put your hand up to help us.

Our latest event was Pizza and Promises which raised around £2000 towards the funds.  At Harvest time we give thanks primarily for the successful growing season but it is also a time to recognise all the things we have and should be grateful for, particularly food, clothing and our homes.  What better time could there be for us to ‘harvest’ our talents and fundraise at the same time?

Faith Promise

The faith promise is another way to give.  It is a faith commitment, an amount of money that people will trust God to enable them to give to a specific project that they believe is in line with God’s heart.  It is often done as a yearly commitment.

A faith promise is entirely between you and God.  (You might want to write it down and keep it in your bible to remind you.)

It has a solid base in scripture in 2 Corinthians Chs 8 & 9. “Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.  For I testify that they gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability.” Ch 8 v2-3

“Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.  Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion for God loves a cheerful giver” Ch9 v6-7.

Read these two chapters and then come in prayer before God and ask him if he wants you to give and if so how much.  When you have done this come before him in thanks giving believing that he will provide the means for you to give this amount and each month keep thanking, trusting and believing and see how God provides.  Be warned you may often have to wait until the last minute for the provision and be prepared to do your bit too!  As one person said who begun putting this into practise, “If I had waited until I had it (the money) I never would have given it, because I never would have had it.  I gave it when I didn’t have it, as a faith offering and God honoured it”.

Will you try it too and see how great your God is?

Change 4 Change

Change 4 Change is an idea to be able to raise additional money for the church development project. All you need to do is simply empty any loose change from your pocket / purse /wallet at the end of the day and put it into a jar or pot When we have our next fund raising event or when the pot is getting full just empty it into a bag and bring it to the event or to church. If you qualify for gift aid don’t forget to include your donor number in the bag so we can claim the gift aid.


Sheila Gill is investigating these and all opportunities are being explored with possibilities being identified; this is quite a long process because each grant giving organisation has to be investigated thoroughly and the application criteria and paperwork checked carefully, we will have a short list in due course.


We have a number of items for sale in aid of the Building Development. If you are unable to collect an item then please contact the parish office for postage and packing charges.

Coffee Mornings

Dave and Ruth Fowler’s coffee mornings usually on the 2nd Friday of each month in Church are going really well, so please continue to give them your support.

Donating by text message – CCWC11

Vodaphone has set up a new service which allows any charity in the UK to raise funds via a text message service – JustTextGiving, and it is what big fundraising events eg Comic Relief and Children in Need already use.

Your Ideas

If you have any other ideas do please let us know.

Questions and Answers

1. Why are we building two toilets when we only can afford one and only need one? When, in the future, the layout for the church is flexible and we are able to use it for performances the PCC do not think that one toilet will be sufficient to cover the requirements during an interval.

2. Why can’t we build a toilet with the money we have got; we must have enough money to build a toilet? Our professional advisors have indicated that we do not currently have enough money to build an external toilet and provide the sewage, water and drainage required. According to their advice we have enough money to provide the sewage, water and drainage facilities but will need more fundraising for the building itself.

3. Why connect into the Church Hall drainage when we have had problems with blockages in the Church Hall drains? We anticipate that load on the sewage and drainage system for the church and hall will most likely not occur at the same time. Previous blockages were due to lack of maintenance over a long period of time. The church hall drainage will be checked for capacity before we connect into it.

4. Can we make sure that the furniture in the Chancel does not get destroyed and broken up when we dispose of it? Any items of furniture removed from the Church will be offered for sale and we hope that these will be put to good use by any purchaser.

5. The toilet is an important need which needs to be solved as soon as possible. The installation of a new toilet is being progressed as quickly as possible but will still take some time. This is because Local Authority planning and Diocesan approval has to be sought. Certain conditions also apply to a Grade 2 listed building. For the planning approvals a number of detailed plans and papers have to be prepared by professionals. Progress will also be dependant on any necessary funds being in place before each stage of the work begins.

6. For me a toilet is not a priority. A number of the congregation have said that provision of a toilet is their priority. The PCC are also improving the flexibility of the building and updating tea, coffee and flower preparation facilities at the same time. The internal appearance of the porch entrance will also be improved.

7. “Please get on with it as soon as possible” See answer to Q5

8. How can I make a donation? For full information please see the stewardship pages here. For a small, one off donation you can always use our new text donation facility. Just text CCWC11 followed by the amount in pounds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10) to 70070 >more

The service is provided by the Vodaphone foundation and 100% of your donation comes to the church. The only additional charge is the cost of a standard text message. If you have a text bundle its included in that (even if you are not with Vodaphone). For more information such as how to add gift aid to the donation see >here