Who Let The Dads Out?

What is it? WHO LET THE DADS OUT? is a FREE group for dads, male carers and their children from Age 0 to Year R at school.

What happens?  WHO LET THE DADS OUT? is an opportunity for dads and male carers to spend a couple of hours playing and doing ‘stuff’ with their young children in a relaxed setting.  It is also a time to meet other dads, enjoy a bacon buttie (or two) and just chill and chat over a coffee. It is also a chance for a hard-pressed Mum to have a couple of hours ‘me time’ if they want!

Has it been going for long?  WHO LET THE DADS OUT? Widley was set up in January 2014.

Who tends to go?  We have a core group of regular Dads who make it when they can.  There is never any pressure if someone can’t make it for whatever reason.  The Dads also socialise on other regular occasions on the night before the meeting.

Where and when is it? WHO LET THE DADS OUT? meets in the Church Hall at Christ Church, Portsdown, on the A3 in near the top of Portsdown Hill.  The group meets on the third Saturday of each month from 9.00am to 11.00am.

The best place to find out what is going on is on the Who Let The Dads Out? website under our group details at the following link: http://www.wholetthedadsout.org.uk/directory/who-let-dads-out-christ-church-portsdown

Once you have been to the group you can provide a mobile number and you will receive text updates of what is happening.

Some testimonials:

“I moved into the parish when my son was just 3 weeks old and Who Let The Dads Out has provided me with an opportunity to give my wife a break and spend some quality time with my son which I don’t always get the chance to do whilst working during the week.  I really enjoy the informal set-up of WLTDO and the time spent talking to other dads who are going through the same experiences and challenges of fatherhood.  For me, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, playing with my son and watching him interact with other children whilst I also restore some normality into my life discussing sports and current affairs over a cup of tea and a bacon buttie.  Nine months on since the start of WLTDO it feels as though we are no longer just a group of Dads but more like a group of mates.”  (Robin Humphris)

If you would like to know more about ‘Who Let The Dads Out?’ contact Robin Humphris.