Other Key People

Please find below a list of all other key people, not necessarily mentioned in the rest of the website.  They are more than willing to receive your enquiries.  Click on the person’s name to send an email, or contact our Parish Office if you have enquiries.

Worship Band and Singers – Stuart Davies

Stuart leads our Band and singers.  Our band, supported by our singers, play at the morning service on first, second, fourth and fifth Sundays, and at our informal worship services.

Wardens –  Stephen Anderson and Karina Golledge

Churchwardens have a leadership role in the Parish.  They assist the Vicar in his role, organise volunteers and have responsibility for church property.

Treasurer – Jacqui Wilson

Jacqui is responsible for managing the finances of the parish.

Administrator – Emma Evans

Our parish administrator ensures the smooth running of the parish, dealing with bookings for events in the church, preparing the service sheets, rotas, schedules, attending various meetings and assisting the ministry and supporting teams with any administration work.

Stewardship – Pauline Metcalfe

Our Stewardship Officers deal with all aspects of stewardship, both in what you can bring to the Church and the financial help you can provide.

Gift Aid – Roger Banks

Roger deals with regular giving, provides envelopes and manages the Gift Aid scheme in the Church.

Membership – Graham Olway

Graham looks after our electoral roll which is the formal membership list for the parish.

PCC Secretary – Vicky Stephen

Vicky is responsible for preparation of meeting materials and meeting minutes.

Churchyard – Dave Fowler

Dave is responsible for our churchyard.  He looks after the church yard records.

The Rusty Cutters – Peter Clarke

Peter leads the team who look after the maintenance and keep the church yard under control.

Website – Matthew Doe

Matthew is responsible for keeping the website up to date.  He is always keen to hear your opinions about the website and values your opinions.

Press Officer – Vacant

This role is currently open – emails are re-directed to the webmaster.

Safeguarding – Ismay Doughty

Ismay deals with all matters relating to safeguarding and advises on Health and Safety.

If you are concerned of the safety or well-being of anyone in our church family, don’t waste any time contacting Ismay, either on her telephone number found on the notice board in church, or by emailing her at safeguarding@christchurchportsdown.org.