Parochial Church Council

Managing the Parish

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) meets monthly, discussing and agreeing on matters of policy by consensus.

The PCC operates a number of sub committees to ease the running of the Parish.


The PCC produces two documents to report on the year just past.  They are the parish year book covering the previous twelve months (prepared for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting) and the Annual Report and Accounts covering the financial year January to December.

2015 Christ Church Year Book

2016 Christ Church Year Book

2017 Christ Church Year Book

2018 Christ Church Year Book

Christ Church Annual Report 2014

Christ Church Annual Report 2015

Christ Church Annual Report 2016

Christ Church Annual Report 2017

Christ Church Annual Report 2018

The PCC – When and Who

The PCC normally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, with the Meeting of Parishioners and APCM occurring annually, on a date publicised nearer the time.

Current PCC members (Apr 2019 to Apr 2020):


Reverend Andy Wilson (chair)

Associate Minister:

Reverend Laura Cameron


Mr Stephen Anderson


Mrs Jacqui Wilson (non-voting)


Mr Graham Olway

Diocesan Synod:

Mr Andy Minchin

Deanery Synod:

Mrs Ruth Fowler

Mr Andy Minchin


Mrs Linda Banks

Mr Matthew Brown

Mr Matthew Doe

Mrs Ismay Doughty

Mrs Jo Duckett

Mr Dave Fowler

Mrs Ruth Fowler

Mrs Sheila Gill

Mrs Karina Golledge

Mrs Tracey Harvey

Mrs Dee Humpries

Mrs Pauline Metcalf

Mr Graham Olway (co-opted to 2020)

Mr Roy West

If you would like to find out more about what the PCC discuss, please do see our full meeting minutes printed and displayed at the back of the church.  Or a condensed version can be found in each month’s Portsdown Post, our parish magazine.

If you would like to stand on the PCC, please do approach either Graham Olway (PCC Secretary) or Revd Andy Wilson.