Mothers’ Union

logo-mothersunion-webThe purpose of the Mothers’ Union is to demonstrate the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities worldwide, through the nurture of family in its many forms.  Other aims cover supporting and promoting marriage, encouraging parents in their role to develop the faith of their children and maintaining a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service.


  • Regular meetings take place at 2.15pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month (except August) starting in church, moving to the small hall of the Church Hall at 2.30pm.
  • The third Thursday of each month, we meet at 10.00am for Holy Communion, with intersessions led by the Mothers’ Union (except August and December).
  • The commencement of each term we have a Church service followed by refreshments, we also have a guest speaker nearly every month.
  • At Christmas time we invite deanery members to our Christmas tea for readings and carols.

2020 Programme

Tuesday 7th January 2.15pm – Admission and communion service led by Revd Andy Wilson.

Wednesday 15th January – Midday prayer (Cathedral, Clanfield and Catherington).

Wednesday 29th January 10.00am to 12.00pm – Subscription Day (All Saints, Denmead).

Tuesday 4th February 2.15pm – ‘The 4Rs’ by Judith Cook & Bring and buy.

Tuesday 3rd March 2.15pm – AGM and raffle.

Friday 6th March 2.00pm – Woman’s World Day of Prayer (Christ Church, Portsdown).

Lent Lunches (Saturdays) 12.00pm to 1.00pm – March 7th, 14th, 28th, April 4th.

Wednesday 25th March – Lady Day service (All Saints, Denmead).

Tuesday 7th April 2.15pm – ‘The International Marriage Ministry’ by Eileen Jones.

Saturday 25th April – AGM/Council meeting (Cathedral House).

Tuesday 5th May 2.15pm – ‘Faith and the finish line of the London Marathon’ by Dee Humphris.

Wednesday 6th May 10.00am – Deanery meeting (St Thomas, Bedhampton).

Wednesday 20th May – Midday prayer (Cathedral, Portsmouth).

Tuesday 2nd June 2.15pm – Summer Tea Party with guests.

Tuesday 23rd June – Strawberry tea (Bedhampton).

Tuesday 7th July 2.15pm – Update on all Mothers’ Union projects by Pauline Wale.

Sunday 9th August – Mary Sumner Day.

Tuesday 1st September 2.15pm – Church service.

Tuesday 6th October 2.15pm – ‘Metamorphosis’ by Felicity Keeping.

Tuesday 3rd November 2.15pm – ‘Memories of Christmases past’ & Bring and buy.

Tuesday 1st December 2.15pm – Christmas Party with guests.

Mothers’ Union Christ Church Portsdown

In over 80 countries and 4 million members worldwide, the Mothers’ Union shares a vision to bring about a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.

Leadership of the Mothers’ Union has been held by the following Branch Leaders:

1935 to 1938: Mrs Rae

1938 to 1948: Mrs Gillman

1948 to 1961: Mrs Worwood

1961 to 1971: Mrs Herbert

1971 to 1974: Mrs Collins

1974 to 1977 Mrs Ayling

1977 to 1981: Mrs Fisher

1981 to 1986: Mrs Dove

1986 to 1992: Mrs King

1992 to 1998: Mrs Gibney

1998 to 2004: Mrs Molloy

2007 to 2013: Mrs Taylor

2014 to 2017: P.J.Hatchard

2017 onwards: Mrs Molloy

To find out more nationally, please see Mothers’ Union website.

For more information contact Ros Molloy.

Testimonials of some of the members at Christ Church Portsdown:

Carmen Cooke enjoys the fellowship and prayers at the afternoon service.

Judith Cooke enjoys the time together with like-minded people.

Norma Gibney enjoys the love and friendship of all members around the country, as well as our own diocese.

Patricia Hatchard enjoys the fellowship, prayers, and friendship of the Mothers’ Union, as well as getting to know everyone in the diocese. Patricia also enjoys arranging the afternoon services and believes that by working together communities can be transformed. As current branch leader Patricia also prays for guidance and vision to ensure that people continue to support the Mothers’ Union.

Molly Scarf and Joan Lowe enjoy the company of other members in worship and conversation.  They also enjoy tea together after our afternoon service.

Sheila King enjoys the friendship, prayers and fellowship of the branch and diocese, especially those who have helped her through the sad loss of her husband Brian.

Ros Malloy joined Mothers’ Union after Young Wives, where good friends were made – many of them becoming members of the Mothers’ Union, a decision that Ros herself has never regretted. Ros is pleased to belong to such a large Christian group that achieves so much through projects worldwide.

Sheila Taylor enjoyed her time as branch leader and found it very rewarding. Sheila also enjoys the friendship and fellowship of other members.