After all the speculation, posturing and vitriol, the EU referendum is now behind us. Some are delighted with the result, others are devastated. Personally I am dismayed – you may feel different. However we feel, one thing is clear and that is that the future is uncertain. We do not know what the implications of this decision will be and how the government will recreate relationships with other nations. To be honest, we do not know how the government will repair relationships within itself.

On the day after the referendum, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York issued a joint statement which included these words:

“As citizens of the United Kingdom, whatever our views during the referendum campaign, we must now unite in a common task to build a generous and forward looking country, contributing to humans flourishing around the world. We must remain hospitable and compassionate, builders of bridges and not barriers. Many of those living among us and alongside us as neighbours, friends and work colleagues come from overseas and some will feel a deep sense of insecurity. We must respond by offering reassurance, by cherishing our wonderfully diverse society, and by affirming the unique contribution of each and every one.”

Whatever the future holds, we must be a society of bridge-builders and the church must be at the heart of that. As Christians, even in the most uncertain of times, we must continue to look out for the needy and the marginalised, we must not let our differences destroy us and we must remember that there is one who is constant and reliable.

God is not human, that he should lie,
   not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
   Does he promise and not fulfil?     (Numbers 23:19)



Revd Andy Wilson
Vicar, Christ Church Portsdown / Joint Area Dean, Havant / Chaplain, Havant & Waterlooville FC