“On 14th March we passed seven years of war in Syria, which is a longer period than the Second World War. During those 2,555 days, more than 360,000 foreign fighters, from 90 countries all over the world, gathered in my land to fight us who were living in peace. More than half a million people have been killed, 7.8 million have become refugees in other countries, and 4.5 million live as Internally Displaced Persons,” wrote Syrian church leader, Dr Jany Haddad, to Barnabas Fund today.

His message, coming direct out of Syria that morning, continued: “During this period of such agony, when most of the foreign organisations left us alone, Barnabas Fund was the only one to come in and extend its arm of help and support to our Christians and churches without any hesitation. For seven years, all our needy people in our churches found they were being supported. Barnabas Fund stood with us and bridged the gap to share with us our sorrows and be the elder brother and father for most of those churches and Christians.”

Barnabas Fund has been giving practical aid to Christians in Syria throughout the long years of war. And, with your help, we will keep doing so.

Working through local churches, we have fed the hungry and housed the homeless.

Last year alone we provided food for 160,000 Christians across the country.

In the beleaguered city of Aleppo we give special care to 98 Christian widows and their children – all of their husbands died violently in the war, many as martyrs for Christ.

In the same city we have dug wells that provide water for 250,000 people.

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