A new beneficiary appears as our Mission for August.

The Bible Society is a long-established organisation; which seeks to reach out to some of the most vulnerable and poorest communities around the world and spread God’s word, by providing a Bible to anyone who wants one. The story behind the Society’s recent appointment of a new leader, for their Bible work in Algeria, gives a good idea of how this works:-

Rezki is a 34-year-old father who, like most Algerians, grew up in a Muslim family. But life changed for him, when a friend’s family had a Christian book that they wanted to dispose of. This turned out to be a copy of the New Testament. Rezki took it off their hands, read the Gospels and 20 chapters of Acts in one sitting, and decided, there and then, to give his life to Christ!

Reski found a Christian Church about 20 miles away; which was attended, back then in 2002, by about 50 people. So he joined the congregation. Like many Christians with an education, he was tempted to leave for the United States. But he felt that God had called him to ministry in his homeland. He then joined the Bible Society.

Things have got worse for Algerian Christians in recent years. 10 Churches have been closed by the authorities (there were only about 60 throughout the country to begin with), and the number of Bibles that may be imported has been severely restricted. But the Church in Algeria cannot be held back – and Rezki is rising to the challenge. (that Church he first attended 17 years ago, now has a congregation of 1,500!).

The Bible Society has kindly provided our Church with copies of its current publicity and appeals literature; and these will be on display, and available for retention, during the month. There is also a short film, about young school-children in Malawi, south-eastern Africa – eager to hear more about Jesus – eventually receiving their first Bibles: which may occasionally be screened here in Church.

One Bible costs the Society just £5.00!

Roy West
Bible Society mission rep’

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