A new year brings the opportunity to set new priorities. Many of us have done this for years, while others have given up all together.

This year, more than setting some goals, I encourage us to dream again.

The last two years have been brutal. We entered into survival mode. Simply getting through another day.

But in recent weeks I have been reminded that God is the restorer of broken dreams, and reflecting on an easily overlooked story in Genesis 26. Isaac is restoring the ancient wells: a process I imagine is full of emotions, accessing again the wells his father dug, the source of life in the area.

Dormant dreams

Some wells had been there for years and needed uncovering: What dreams have been laying dormant and need to be uncovered in your life?

What does it look like to step back into these dreams? The first step might be to share one of the forgotten dreams with someone you trust.

What to leave behind

Isaac’s slaves dug a few wells that caused quarrelling and enmity; they then moved on: What have we been a part of, that we need to move on from?

I’m sure these wells were dug with really good intentions. Yet they caused issues for Isaac and his estate, so they moved on. Maybe the thing you were involved with served a good purpose, but it’s a new season and therefore time to set it aside.

Future promise

The story also speaks of God’s promise that he is making a way for the Israelites and that they will be fruitful; and of a fulfilled promise after Isaac encounters God. What promise are you holding on to?

Sometimes holding on to promises can be hard. Reminding each other of ways we have seen God at work can help boost our faith. How have you seen God move in your life and work things out for good for you?

Remember and share

Isaac built an altar and dug a well. How can you mark and share with others what God has done for you and your community?
At CMS, I work with people exploring a call to mission. If one of your unfulfilled dreams has been to serve God overseas, I’d love to talk with you.

It might be that you served God in an overseas context and have testimonies from that time. Who needs to hear that testimony today? Who can you encourage by sharing God’s story in your life?


Pray for God to help us to uncover and refresh dreams for his Kingdom as we enter the New Year and as we come out of survival mode.

By Susann Haehnel, vocational recruitment manager at Church Mission Society

Our CMS rep is Jacqui Wilson