Since I wrote twelve months ago there has continued to be significant growth, development and change at Portsmouth Street Pastors.

This April saw the launch of School Pastors in Portsmouth and the appointment of Sandra Morgan as the coordinator. Sandra has done a great deal of work already and the new School Pastors are currently being trained. They are in school to ‘fill the gap’ and to be a friendly, listening and caring presence.

Portsmouth Street Pastors also continue to be a caring presence on our streets. They have a good relationship with the police, door staff, the City Council and the people they meet. The following statistics cover the period from January 2015 to March 2016.

  • Volunteer hours – over 2,500
  • Contacts on streets – 3,320
  • Aggressive situations calmed – over 60
  • Vulnerable people helped – over 600
  • Bottles picked up – over 3,400
  • Flip flops handed out – over 190 pairs

There are currently 47 Street Pastors, and they  are now starting their new recruitment campaign looking for both Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors. If anyone is interested in joining you will be very welcome and can join a team out on patrol as an observer to get a feel for what is involved. If being a Prayer Pastor interests you and you would like to know more please contact Jackie Hunt, the Resource Manager in the office or by email

Please include the Street Pastors and the people they meet on our streets in your prayers. This is much appreciated especially on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10.00pm and 3.00am.

Ros Molloy, Street Pastors representative for Christ Church Portsdown

To read more about the work of Portsmouth Street Pastors click here. Or about Street Pastors nationally, here.