We are so grateful that both St John’s and Christ Church are able to support Tearfund through an annual parish gift.

Below is a good news story of how some of our money is used.
Burundi is a landlocked country in central Africa where 52% of children under 5 are malnourished. Apart from the daily misery that brings to them and their parents, it leads to poor development and under achievement, and of course early death for some.

Climate change, which leads to soil degradation and lower yields, only makes matters worse, keeping people locked in a cycle of desperate poverty.

Eularie is one Mum who was widowed when her youngest child was one. She had farmed the family’s plot while her husband worked as a carpenter, but after his death she did not have enough to feed her children and they were reduced to one meal a day, inevitably the baby fell sick. Tearfund’s partner, the Diocese of Matana, has started a programme of extra feeding using a locally sourced porridge, made to include groundnut oil, rich in vitamin A.
It also provides advice and guidance on what plants are appropriate to cultivate in a changing climate and how to improve variety in diet ensuring a better proportion of vitamins and protein.

Importantly it has also supported the development of self- help savings and loan schemes, where local people come together (usually in groups of 20 – 25, which are small enough to manage) so that folk can save very small amounts of money, and this can enable the provision of small loans to assist in purchase of items needed to ‘grow’ a business. Eularie was able to purchase some livestock which gives her a cash income and allows her to send her children to school which in turn will contribute to a much better future for them.

In total 597 churches have been supported in Burundi to start programmes like this and 15 feeding centres have cared for 9000 children providing locally sourced enriched porridge. Of course, there are many thousands who are still to be helped but the success of this programme encourages other churches to join in and increase its effectiveness.

Please join us in regularly praying for Tearfund – there is an accessible website: www.tearfund.org where there is always updated information.

Elizabeth and Simon Mitchell