The church is not about our buildings. The church is about people. Although the expression of church is changed, we are still a community. Today (Sunday) at 10.30am, I will be broadcasting a short service on Facebook Live.

Whilst no-one is allowed to physically attend, you can attend online. To do this you will need to login to facebook. If you don’t have an account you will need to create one at and then in the search box type ‘Christ Church Portsdown’. If you then select the Christ Church page, you should be able to see recent posts. Just before 10.30, the video should appear.

All of today’s readings and the Collect are including at the end of this document. The service will include the reading from the book of Exodus.

Not everybody will have, or want to create, a facebook account. In future weeks we may look at other ways of broadcasting the service. There are many alternatives available. Today, all BBC local radio stations are broadcasting a service of worship at 8am. Sunday Worship will be on BBC1 at 11.45am and Songs of Praise (with a feature on Mothers’ Union) will be at 1.15pm.

See all of our services on our You Tube Channel by clicking here.